This series takes place from where the original Lilo & Stitch TV series left off. Therefore, anything after the "Link" episode, including the Leroy & Stitch movie and the Stitch! anime, has not at all happened in this show.

The episode numbering also goes as if the original TV series continued. This means that instead of the first episode being numbered "Episode 1", it will be called "Episode 66", as there were 65 episodes in the show.

Episodes Edit

Season 1: Expanding Ohana

Episode 66: "99 Experiments, but Stitch ain't one"

Episode 67: "The Insidious Six"

Episode 68: "Sproing"

Episode 69: "

List of Experiments Edit

The experiments, also referred to as Stitch's cousins, are genetically engineered creatures created by Jumba in his lab, with the assistance of Dr. Hämsterviel who funded the projects with "shady" business deals. Prior to the events of the first movie, every experiment created was dehydrated into a small orb called an experiment pod and stored in a special container for transport. Before the series, the container was accidentally opened and the pods rained down on the island of Kauai. The experiments within the pods are reactivated upon contact in water, a point of concern because many of the experiments are dangerous and Kauai hosts one of the wettest spots on Earth.

Upon encountering each experiment, Stitch's human friend and partner Lilo gives the experiment a name just as she gave Stitch his name. The two then attempt to rehabilitate the experiments and find a purpose for them on Earth that suits their specific abilities, referred to as the "one true place" they belong.

Stitch, inspired by Hawaiian terminology, refers to the other experiments as his "cousins" and considers them all a part of his ohana, or "extended family".


Number Nickname Primary Function First Feature
002 Doubledip Designed to double-dip food. 58A
007 Gigi Designed to annoy people with her constant barking. 8
010 Felix Designed to sterilize, disinfect, and clean everything in sight. 29
020 Slick Designed to be able to sell anything to anyone. 41
025 Topper Designed to be a beacon to signal the alien attack fleet. 17
029 Checkers Designed to make his wearer a king or queen by hypnotizing those around them. 63
031 Gotchu Designed to run around and pinches things with his four pincers. 58A
032 Fibber Designed to detect lies. 13
036 Poki Designed to poke holes in liquid containers. 40
040 Backhoe Designed to scrape up vegetation. 40
044 Forehead Designed to sing barbershop music off-key, agonizing anyone who hears it. 58A
051 Hocker Designed to spit acidic saliva that can burn through wood. 58A
062 Frenchfry Designed to be Jumba's personal chef, but instead made unhealthy food that quickly made people fat. 38
077 Zawp Designed to irritate people with his constant snoring. 58A
089 Skip Designed to skip time by 10 minutes, because Jumba was too impatient to wait for his microwave to reheat his leftovers. However, there was an error in his program: he skips time by ten years. 43


Number Nickname Primary Function First Feature
103 Stamen Designed to prevent pollination of flowers by attracting alien "bees" to himself. 43
110 Squeak Designed to annoy entire planets with his never-ending talking. 62
111 Mulch Designed to tear up the ground beneath his feet. 58A
113 Shoe Designed to control luck. 40
119 Fudgy Designed to drown people in his sticky sweetness. 20
120 Snafu Designed to foil enemy plans by any possible means. 60
124 Hammerface Designed to drive in nails around Jumba's house with his hammer-shaped head/face. 28
128 Bugby Designed to turn whole civilizations into harmless little insects. 54
133 PJ Designed to play practical jokes on people. 44
134 Shredder Designed to shred important documents. 58A
143 Clog Designed to clog up drains with his hair. 43
151 Babyfier Designed to disable planets by turning adults into babies with a pink powder shaken from his tail. 32
158 Finder Designed to find anything and honk when he finds it. 23
165 Sandy Designed to have mastery over sand. 67
177 Clip Designed to eat hair. 3
199 Nosy Designed to snoop out enemy secrets but ends up finding out mostly useless gossip. 22


Number Nickname Primary Function First Feature
204 Nosox Designed to make socks disappear. 37
206 Maggie Designed to use her different kinds of disguises to facilitate robberies. 67
210 Retro Designed to turn enemy weapons and technology into their most primitive state by wrapping his tongue around the object, rendering the object useless as he lets go. 47
214 Pix Designed to take only bad pictures of people. 58A
221 Sparky Designed to create crippling electric surges. 0
222 Poxy Designed to transmit disease to popular planetary leaders and disable them. 31
223 Glitch Designed to turn technology against its user by entering machines and making them malfunction. 59A
228 Melty Designed to melt enemy fortresses, weapons, and transportation, among other things, with the bright blue blasts from his mouth. 19
234 Shush Designed to eavesdrop on private enemy conversations. 55
239 Stopgo Designed to cause traffic jams. 36
248 Belle Designed to scare people with a loud high-pitched shriek. 48
251 Link Designed to bind together incompatible individuals, usually by the hand or wrist. 65
254 Mr. Stenchy Designed to trick his enemies into taking him into their homes. Once there, Mr. Stenchy lets out a noxious odor, released 42 hours after activation. 4
258 Sample Designed to annoy enemies by looping random sounds with his mouth or his ears. 30
262 Ace 262 has one fatal error: he has no evil function, a failed experiment that is pure good and to top it off he is the only experiment programmed not to cause trouble. 58B
264 Poach Designed to hunt rare animals. 67
267 Wishy-Washy Designed to be a wish giver that grants any wish he hears, but the wishes are granted literally and may not turn out quite as expected. 52
274 Alexander Designed to make lots of long distance telephone calls. 36
275 Tickle-Tummy Designed to tickle people. 16
276 Remmy Designed to enter a sleeping person's head and turn dreams into nightmares. 64
277 Snooty Designed to find and enrich "Snootonium," a rare element that becomes extremely dangerous once enriched. Snootonium has a similar chemical makeup as that of mucus on Earth. 46
283 Quarklifter Designed to be the strongest experiment Jumba has ever and will ever make (and so far is). 67
285 Lax Designed to fire a green ray from his antenna that will cause anything it hits to stop working. A person hit with 285's ray will relax, and a machine hit with the ray will shut down. 57
288 Boomer Designed to be a living boomerang. 58A
297 Shortstuff Designed to destroy machinery by going inside and cutting the mechanism and electrical wiring. His size was greatly increased by accident, thanks to Jumba's growth ray. 25


Number Nickname Primary Function First Feature
300 Spooky Designed to scare people by morphing/shapeshifting into their worst horrifying fears. 5
303 Amnesio Designed to erase people's memory by zapping a red laser vision in their eyes. 37
316 Morpholomew Designed to morph organisms into any other organism, after seeing the target organism or a photo of the target organism at least once before. 49
319 Spike Designed to make 99% of the population silly and useless by pricking them with his spines. 62
322 Heckler Designed to verbally insult people by appearance and personality. 51
323 Hunkahunka Designed to peck people, making them artificially fall in love with the first person they see. 18
340 Nodessertro Designed to cause mass depression by stealing puddings, cakes, pies, and other sweets. 37
344 Dupe Designed to generate clones with the appendage on his head; however, each duplicate is not as powerful as the original. 28
345 Elastico Designed to distract enemies by performing tricks with his elastic body. 27
349 Bonnie Designed to steal things without the victim's knowledge. 33
350 Clyde Designed to steal things without the victim's knowledge. 33
355 Swapper Designed to switch people's minds. 39
358 Manners Designed to make people too polite to fight back against bullies, by sprinkling a special dust from his finger onto them. 58A
360 Drowsy Designed to put people to sleep by bleating, although the effect is near permanent. The surest way to reverse 360's effect is with a splash of water. 36
375 Phantasmo Designed to possess inanimate objects and bring them to life. 2
383 Swirly Designed to hypnotize anyone into obeying the next command that person hears. 12
390 Slimy Designed to leave a slippery snail-like trail to trip up enemies. 16
396 Connie Designed to eat non-stop using his long tentacles, as well as take control of up to 5 other experiments, but no more. 67
397 Spats Designed to make people fight with each other. 50


Number Nickname Primary Function First Feature


Number Nickname Primary Function First Feature
501 Yin Designed to condense moisture in air into water and spray water from its tentacles. 9
502 Yang Designed to shoot lava from the pits along its back. 9
505 Ploot Designed to flood entire cities with thick black sludge made from ordinary trash and pollution that he collects. 45
507 Woody Designed to eat wood at a rapid pace. 58A
509 Sprout Designed to sprout into an uncontrollable forest of destruction. 14
513 Richter Designed to cause vicious, Earth-shattering earthquakes with one thump of his tail. 1
515 Deforestator Designed to cut down entire forests. 16
520 Cannonball Designed to make big waves (or tsunamis). 6
521 Wrapper Designed to wrap things up like a mummy using his roll of paper for a tail. 58A
523 Slushy Designed to freeze land with his ice breath. 24
529 Digger Designed to drill holes through planets. 61
532 Strato Designed to destroy stratospheres by channeling his electric antennae into a beam of light from his chest. 67
533 Blowhard Designed to immobilize any object by flying it like a kite. 58A
540 Phoon Designed to create massive typhoon-like winds. 53
544 Thresher Designed to thrash crops with his mace-like appendages. 28
566 Derrick Designed to drill potholes. 58A
567 Eva Designed to control the weather. 16
586 Tank Designed to eat metal, and grows bigger each time he does. 42


Number Nickname Primary Function First Feature
600 Woops Designed to be indestructible and able to do anything, but is a klutz who accidentally bumps into everything. 59B
601 Kixx Designed to be a bully with special kickboxing skills. 10
602 Sinker Designed to destroy and sink enemy ships with its large dorsal fin. 21
603 Zap Designed to be a living laser beam. 16
604 Houdini Designed to make anything and himself disappear with a blink of his huge eyes, though he can also make them re-appear. 20
606 Holio Designed to create a matter-sucking black hole when he opens his mouth. 7
608 Slugger Designed to deflect projectiles with his tail shaped like a baseball bat. 34
609 Heat Designed to fire heat from the black oval in his forehead. 28
613 Yaarp Designed to make a literally deafening sonic blast. 15
617 Plasmoid Designed to shoot explosive balls of plasma from his tail. 28
619 Splodyhead Designed to shoot fiery plasma blasts from his nose. 11
624 Angel Designed to sing a song that turns "good" experiments (i.e. rehabilitated experiments) to "bad" (i.e. evil), though it also worked on Jumba. The spell can be reversed by Angel singing the song backwards. 26
625 Designed to be a prototype of Experiment 626, but is incredibly lazy and a terrible coward, making him almost useless as a villain. He loves sandwiches and speaks English with a hint of a Brooklyn accent. He serves as Gantu's wisecracking sidekick during the series. 0
626 Stitch Designed to be abnormally strong, virtually indestructible, super intelligent and very mischievous. He can think faster than a supercomputer, he is fireproof and bulletproof, can spit acid, can hear in different hearing levels, can see in the dark, can jump really high, can climb up walls and walk on ceilings, can roll into a ball, have super sight and hearing and lift objects 3000 times his own weight (but not an ounce more). When he becomes good, he has a heart of gold. He is the most successful experiment Jumba has made. He's also the main character and hero in the series and in the movies. He has a romantic relationship with Experiment 624, Angel. He is the first successful destructing experiment Jumba created after 2 failures 600 and 625. -
627 Designed to have all the powers/strengths of Stitch and 20 other experiments, but none of their weaknesses, and absolutely no ability to turn to good. All 627 can say is "evil". 627 was mostly stronger and healthier than Stitch. 627's other powers include telekinesis, electrokinesis, plasma shoot and ice breath. His only apparent weakness is his loud, uncontrollable laughter. Even though seemingly "indestructible", 627 was outwitted and dehydrated back into an experiment pod by Stitch and Lilo, using a commercially available home food dehydrator. 16
628 Created with 627 or after Stitch defeated 627. Seen only in pod form as Jumba locked it away in a vault, saying, "So much for experiment 627. Perhaps I will have better luck next time". 16