"99 Experiments, but Stitch ain't one" is Episode 66 of Lilo & Stitch Redux.

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Plot Edit

Gantu runs to the main monitor in his downed ship.

(Gantu): So sorry I'm late sir, I overslept. But don't worry, I'll get you another experiment! I promise I-

(625): Hey, genius! Hämsterviel's not on the screen. You're blubbering to nobody! ...heh, blubber.

(Gantu): But I don't understand, it's almost noon! Why hasn't he made contact yet?

(625): Beats me. But if I were you, I'd get experiment hunting anyway. You don't want to make him mad.

(Gantu): There hasn't been an activation in days, 625! I can't- hey, that's odd.

(625): What is?

(Gantu): The monitor is indeed on, I can even see the walls of his cell... but no Hämsterviel.

Meanwhile, Cobra Bubbles is seen sitting at a desk, leafing through files, when a shadow falls over him.

(Cobra): I told everyone that I'm busy today. This better be... (He looks up, and takes his glasses off in shock.) ...urgent.

(Man): I'm pretty sure I warrant "urgent." I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm back. That is all.

(Cobra): But... first of all I have no idea how you got past security without me noticing. Second... how-

(Man): I said that is all. Goodbye, Cobra. (The man walks away.)

(Cobra): (standing up) No! You don't just get to come here without an explanation, Samson! SAMSON!

Outside the building, the mysterious man known as Samson pauses for a moment.

(Samson): God what a beautiful day. It's great to be free. Ha! (He walks away.)

Inside the building, Cobra reaches for the phone on his desk and dials urgently.

(Cobra): Hello. This is CIA operative Cobra Bubbles. Samson is back. I need to speak to Agent Kamihara.

(Lilo & Stitch theme song.)

Lilo and Stitch are sitting in their room looking through her Experiment Book.

(Stitch): Mouth still... hurts?

(Lilo): A little. The swelling's gone down. I can't believe Nani made me get rid of my gold tooth.

(Stitch): Ih!

(Lilo): How was I supposed to know that guy wasn't a real dentist? But I'm happy because we've caught 99!

(Stitch): Ooh?

(Lilo): Experiments, I mean. Link was the 99th! Now 99 of your cousins have a place where they truly belong!

(Stitch): Naga!

(Lilo): Yuh-huh! Look, I'll show you. (She turns to the first page of the Experiment Book. Each side of a page has two pictures of experiments at the place they truly belong. What follows is essentially a recap of their captures.) The first experiment that ever activated was Sparky. He's also the first one we turned to good![1](19:56-20:49) The next one that we were able to rehabilitate was Richter. If we don't include 625, he's second.[2](2:32-2:39) Number Three was Phantasmo. I don't have a good picture of him because he's inside a robot.[3](16:08-16:36) Four was Clip. She was annoying to deal with at first, but being a hairstylist is a perfect fit for her![4](4:16-4:31) Up next was the adorable Mr. Stenchy. Adorable, but deadly. We had to send him off-planet![5](19:56-20:25) Just in time for Halloween was Spooky. He was very hard for us to catch, but not impossible.[6](1:29-2:11) After that was Cannonball. He loves making waves, so now he's great to use for surfing them![7](1:14-1:51) Then came Holio. It was really cool to use the new X-Buggy to fly into the black hole he made![8](14:53-15:30) Myrtle got her dog, Gigi, after her birthday. Gigi was actually an experiment, and had a home.[9](18:57-19:25) Yin and Yang were the 10th-11th experiments that we turned to good, and at the same time too![10](1:14-2:06) The next one was Kixx. It took a while for Stitch to be able to best him in a fight, though.[11](2:24-2:35) Following that was Splodyhead. He activated on an isolated island, that we thought cursed.[12](10:38-10:57) We then encountered Swirly. It was tough to catch an experiment that could just hypnotize you.[13](1:20-1:55) Gantu actually got the next one we met, but for us Number 15 was Sprout. He's now elevated.[14](9:19-9:49) Up next was Yaarp. I didn't name him, yaarp apparently means something in an alien language.[15](1:51-2:33) After that was Deforestator. Stitch turned him to good extremely quickly, beating his own record![16](1:14-2:25) Unfortunately, Gantu got the next four, but our next one was Topper. He came on Christmas![17](20:03-21:53) Gantu later got another, but our 19th experiment was Melty. To catch him, we had to time travel![18](1:06-1:36) Next was Houdini. However, though Gantu did catch an experiment, we found 8 other pods![19](5:36-5:45) Then came Sinker. He hid underwater a lot, but he is now happy as a sushi chef above the land![20](3:59-5:03) Gantu got another one, but we got Finder! He was one of the pods we found, Experiment 158.[21](1:57-2:44) The next one was Slushy. He was a bit of trouble to cool, so Splodyhead helped us catch him![22](3:33-3:40) Number 24 was Shortstuff. At least, he used to be short. We accidentally enlarged him greatly.[23](4:45-5:01) Gantu then got... an important one... but we found Experiment 345: Elastico, a great performer![24](6:22-7:09) After that show we got Dupe, but Gantu got 4 others at the same time! We were falling behind.[25](2:28-3:07) Gantu got an experiment again, but we were the ones who got Sample. He was made for music![26](3:17-3:58) After Gantu got another experiment, we began to catch up! We got Babyfier, which wasn't easy.[27](1:07-1:41) Next we got two experiments, Bonnie and Clyde, but it turned out their one true place is prison.[28](4:28-4:35) Following that was our 31st experiment, Slugger. He is surprisingly really awesome at baseball.[29](5:34-6:52) After Hämsterviel tried to turn you evil, we found 12 more experiment pods! One was Drowsy.[30](6:20-6:26) We later activated two more pods after they were catalogued, who were Stopgo and Alexander.[31](5:08-5:22) But Gantu stole two pods and found another experiment! So we activated one too, Frenchfry.[32](7:01-8:04) Gantu found a pod all on his own, but we managed to bring it to good! That one was Swapper.[33](3:04-4:02) We activated two others before Gantu could steal them. The first one was Experiment 036, Poki.[34](5:28-5:30) The other pod we activated was Experiment 040, Backhoe. We really mostly used him to dig.[35](5:10-5:15) Our 39th experiment, Shoe, was not one of our pods. In fact, he tried to mess up our own plans![36](1:22-1:31) We then encountered Slick. I selfishly tried to use his evil to my advantage, but he is good now.[37](5:07-7:02) Once again, Gantu stole two more of our found pods and also found his own. But we got Skip.[38](7:16-7:51) Just in time for April Fools' Day was PJ. I named him that because he's a real "Practical Joker".[39](6:34-8:01) Then for Earth Day came Experiment 505, Ploot. He's really great at cleaning up pollution for us.[40](5:01-7:11) Up next was Snooty. He was made to get "snootonium", an element much like mucus on Earth.[41](3:03-3:15) After that was Retro. That was one crazy adventure. He turned almost everything prehistoric![42](11:37-12:23) Then we got Belle. She was like made to be in a horror film! Now she acts as our alarm clock.[43](17:25-19:32) We caught Morpholomew next with help from my friend, Jake Long, aka the American Dragon.[44](4:01-4:31) We caught the next experiment with help from another friend, Penny Proud. That was Spats.[45](5:57-6:44) The one after that we caught on our own, though we could have used help. That was Heckler.[46](9:59-10:46) Number 50 was Wishy-Washy. This one seemed almost too good to be true, and it really was.[47](4:29-4:38) Next was Phoon. Once again, we intervened and accidentally mutated her appearance a bit.[48](3:29-4:27) Then came Bugby. He had to be slightly reprogrammed so he couldn't affect sentient beings.[49](13:17-13:46) Gantu then managed to steal one of the pods we had again, but we still turned Shush to good.[50](1:48-2:47) My friend Kim unsuccessfully tried to help find an experiment, but some kids did help find Lax.[51](7:42-8:39)

That's 54 for us. It turned out Mrs. Hasagawa had found 9 more! 358: Manners, 031: Gotchu, 521: Wrapper, 077: Zawp, 134: Shredder, 002: Doubledip, 288: Boomer, 566: Derrick, and 214: Pix.[52](6:48-7:39 and 7:49-8:29)

Mrs. Hasagawa then accidentally activated 5 more experiments and kept them as her "cats" with the other 9. These 5 pods were 111: Mulch, 533: Blowhard, 051: Hocker, 044: Forehead, and 507: Woody.[53](4:45-6:01)

The 14 "cats" brings us to a total of 68. The next experiment after that was the fantastic Ace.[54](14:21-15:07) We then encountered Glitch. It's really weird to fight your own house. Don't try it at home. Ha![55](4:59-6:04) After that we got Woops. He kept knocking things over, so we put him on a bowling team.[56](12:55-15:24) Number 72 was Snafu, the last pod from that 12-bunch. He tried ruining every single plan![57](9:36-10:36)

Then we freed all 21 experiments Gantu captured. First Fibber.[58](1:43-2:24) Then Zap, Eva the weather-controller, 390: Slimy, and 275: Tickle-Tummy.[59](9:16-9:29, 13:10-13:11, and 13:31-13:36),[60](19:45-19:50) Next 323: Hunkahunka.[61](21:20-22:01) Then 119: Fudgy.[62](7:08-7:12) Next Nosy.[63](4:22-5:12) Then comes Stitch's favorite, Experiment 624, also named Angel.[64](10:27-12:22 and 15:31-16:45) Next came Gantu's 4 temporary "soldiers", 609: Heat, 134: Hammerface, 544: Thresher, and 617: Plasmoid.[65](14:52-16:06) Then Felix.[66](7:37-9:31) Next Poxy.[67](11:30-12:23) Then Nosox, Experiment 340 or Nodesserto, and Amnesio.[68](5:23-5:26) and [69](19:05-19:10),[70](2:09-2:41) Next Tank.[71](1:11-2:25) The last two Gantu caught were 143: Clog and 103: Stamen. Clog clogs things up with hair and Stamen attracts bees to his ears.[72](6:04-6:13),[73](19:10-19:14) We then brought all of the 21 back to good! That's 93 total!

Up next was Digger, Experiment 529. He was activated earlier on, but we met him later on.[74](19:17-19:26) Number 95 was Spike. He was roughish at first, but it turns out he enjoys harmless hugging![75](6:31-8:51) Then Jumba activated a pod from our older 9-bunch. That was Squeak, aka Experiment 110.[76](3:47-4:37) After that was Checkers. I almost got a little carried away using his power over other people.[77](4:04-4:20) Then we got Remmy. He tried to invade a dream about my parents and make it a nightmare.[78](2:59-4:26) Finally, Link was the 99th experiment we turned to good. And then I briefly got a gold tooth![79](8:11-9:45) See? 99! I told you! Do the math, you're smart enough.

(Stitch): But what about... me?

(Lilo): You? Well I mean of course you have a one true place. Right here with me, remember?

(Stitch): So... one hundred?

(Lilo): Well if we include you, yeah. Hey no way! With you, Stitch, we have rehabilitated 100 experiments!

(Stitch): Woohoo!

(Lilo): Alright! Yeah! One hundred! How many do we have left?

(Stitch): Count 625?

(Lilo): Him? No I don't think we'll ever turn him good. So of the 624 and not counting you... we have 525 left!

(Stitch): Five hundred twenty five cousins.

(Lilo): Yeah Stitch. Your huge family is about to become even larger. I can't believe we're already at 100!

On a spaceship far away, a small white figure awakens.

(Figure): I am... awake. That is odd, I do not remember freezing myself or anything like tha- (The figure pauses mid-sentence.) Aha. My memories have just been restored. Alright. That means the little girl has succesfully captured 100 experiments. I planned it this way because she isn't even a quarter of the way yet, it just gives her a false sense of security. Excellent. She won't be prepared for my plan. And I won't fail this time around. Ha!

Solicit SynopsisEdit

As suddenly as the series stopped, it restarts once again! It's been a decade since the Lilo & Stitch TV series finished, but Lilo and Stitch's adventures sure didn't! They still had 525 experiments left to catch! What's that? Five hundred and twenty five? You don't believe that they even got that far? Well this first episode, made primarily up of clips from the original 65 episodes, will prove that number to you. And it also introduces the four new subplots as well! That's right! Four subplots to the crazy revival of Lilo and Stitch's story. Come for the ride!

Notes Edit

This episode is as long as 3, but it is still "Episode 66" instead of Episodes 66-68 or anything like that.